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© 2020 by Kacy Jackson, MBA

3 Tricks to Get Over Your Fear of Visibility and Start Sharing Your Message Online

Do you ever worry what people will think or struggle to put your own ideas, thoughts, and feelings out into the world?

Know that you're not alone.

When are you going to stop hiding?

That's a real question that someone asked me on Instagram last week. At first, I wanted to argue that I was never hiding. I wanted to say that was completely ridiculous. But the more I thought about it, I couldn't deny that I have developed a thing for keeping to myself.

We all feel like we’re not good enough sometimes.

Anyone can judge what you have to say. You could attract unwanted attention. You might worry about making a mistake and looking weird on video. Or worse, what if no one cares at all?

Bottom line, being visible is uncomfortable.

But on the other side of that discomfort is growth...

Your own growth happens as you push past fear, self-doubt, and share your message anyway. And the people who need your help see their own growth as they absorb the lessons that you are sharing.

But how do you quickly get over any visibility blocks so that you and your people can grow? Trick question. You don’t.

Instead of thinking of “visibility” as another struggle or challenge to overcome, simply accept that fear of visibility is a thing, and do what you came to do anyway!

It sounds overly simplistic, but the reality is that the only way that you’re going to get over it is by doing it.

Here are a few practical actions you can take to help you:

1. Figure out your big why behind the work you do.

Then, draft a mission statement that summarizes your why in just a few sentences. Post it somewhere that you can see it often to remind yourself that your mission is worth it.

2. Choose the content methods that highlight your strengths.

Find your favorite format. Do you prefer to communicate in a written, video, or audio format? Also, do you prefer one social media platform over another? Use your preferences to help you feel more comfortable with getting visible.

3. Host your first webinar or workshops.

Webinars or workshops (online or offline) are a great way to connect with prospective clients, grow your audience, and put your message out there in a way that feels good.

Next steps...

Curious if webinars are right for your sales and marketing plan? Webinars or online workshops are consistently a favorite way to get visible and enroll clients.

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