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© 2020 by Kacy Jackson, MBA

5 Ways to Stop Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough as a New Coach, Consultant, or Service Provider

Ever find yourself feeling like you or your ideas aren’t good enough?

Then this advice is for you…

Some say that anyone can be taught how to start a successful business. I say, that's only half of the truth...

After earning my MBA and investing in my own business coach, I quickly realized that attracting clients and making money takes more than strategy and good ideas. Those things will certainly help you plan your next steps, but your success will be limited if you don’t have the confidence to back it up.

In fact, to truly be seen as an expert and attract the right clients, you’ll need to see yourself as a leader and have confidence in your own skills first.

There are so many ways to build your confidence and stay motivated, but here are a few of my favorites that are working for me:

1. Take More Risks

Going into business for yourself takes serious courage for even the most confident of people. It’s a new experience, so it’s normal to be uncertain or have fears about it. Your natural instincts are just trying to protect you from the unfamiliar. That’s why you can’t let that doubtful voice in your head stop you.

What’s an opportunity that you've been thinking about? Make a commitment to go and do it.

2. Acknowledge Your Mistakes

You don’t have to be perfect to make money in your business. In fact, your audience will appreciate learning from your failures and mistakes (where appropriate, of course), so they can avoid the problems you faced. Also, it makes it OK for them to do the same.

What mistakes have you made that can become lessons and teachable moments? Instead of hiding your failure, make it part of the process of becoming extraordinary. Share your story authentically online and off.

3. Consistently Take Action

It’s easier to build your confidence when you are persistent. Your consistency shows that you don’t let obstacles define you or your business, and that you are someone that can be relied on.

Even when you’re not feeling you’re best, show up for the people who expect you to and look forward to hearing your message or experiencing your work..

4. Solve Problems For Your Ideal Audience

Everyone appreciates a resource or good strategy that will make their life easier or better in some way. Use your expertise and be generous in offering advice and solutions. You’ll gain confidence as you begin establishing credibility and getting noticed by your ideal clients.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Drink water, go for walks, eat your veggies, get enough sleep, and take your vitamins. All that.

Being mentally and physically fit are requirements so that you can inspire others and ultimately lead your company to success. Plus, a true leader walks the talk in all areas of her life. Identify where you can do better when it comes to health and wellness.

Final Thoughts...

You are unstoppable when you’re bold, honest, consistent, helpful, and feeling your best. Use these 5 principles to keep you motivated as you grow your business.

Next Steps...

How will you maintain your confidence everyday? Choose one of these strategies and implement it in your life today.